Why You Must Test the Mobile Version of your Ecommerce Site

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global trading strategies sydney Several years ago, it seemed reasonable for ecommerce websites to ignore mobile devices. After all, the thinking went, who actually shops on a cell phone?

http://creatingsparks.com.gridhosted.co.uk/?endonezit=seminar-binary-option-surabaya Fast forward to 2014. Eighteen percent of online retail sales will take place on tablets and smartphones – exceeding $50 billion in value — according to eMarketer. With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, accommodating mobile users is no longer an optional strategy.

Today, if you’re not mobile friendly, you’re not customer friendly.

http://www.peoplesoftcareer.com/?kosookuy=trade-options-service&5c9=4c And that means your conversion optimization strategy needs to include mobile. Your website has to address the different needs and expectations of mobile users.

binary options 500plus It’s no longer just a question of desktop vs. smartphone screens. There are now many screen sizes and you need to make the most of the visitor’s screen real estate on device he’s using.

come prelevare i soldi dalle opzioni binarie You also need to consider that people on mobile may be looking to accomplish different tasks. They may be more likely to want your store locations or tracking a delivery, say, than shopping from start to finish. But as the sales statistics show, there’s a ton of money being spent through mobile devices, too.

3 Mobile Approaches

There are three main approaches to managing mobile visitors that ecommerce sites can adopt.

  1. Standalone mobile. One of the earliest strategies many ecommerce sites took is m.domain sites, such as http://m.target.com/, where the server detects the device, and then redirects to a purpose-made mobile site. http://dogfriendlyrental.com/filter/?utm_source=rss
  2. mbfx binary options system Adaptive web design. Another approach is adaptive web design, where the server delivers different HTML and CSS code to different devices – providing unique experiences for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. http://mtk.com.pl/?author=19
  3. bdswiss kosten Responsive web design. Finally, you can choose responsive web design, whereby the browser size — not the type of device — dictates what the visitor sees and how it’s laid out.

Focus on What to Show, Not Just How to Show

With mobile, it’s not just about how you show the various elements of your site to mobile users, it’s also what you decide to show (and hide).

Consider the example of Indochino, a men’s clothing store, where you can get a suit or accessories made to your exact measurements and specifications.

While there are plenty of things that Indochino could improve — like, where’s the unique value proposition statement? — it has made mobile-friendly choices.

In the full-screen version of the site there’s a rotating banner (which I don’t recommend) and three tiles underneath, each with its own call to action.

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