How to Plan Social Media Responses

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a hook up urban dictionary In the excitement offered by social media, businesses often push out messages with little consideration to how consumers use these channels to talk back.

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Businesses see social media as 9-to-5 marketing whilst fans see 24/7 customer service and a new way to complain.

When burned by unexpected negative comments and angry complaints, it’s tempting to delete and move on. But that only adds fuel to the fire. “Why are you deleting my posts?” becomes the new “Why are you ignoring my emails?” Only this time it’s public.

Social Response Strategy

Every good social response strategy has two key elements: (a) a set of house rules setting out what is acceptable on social channels, and (b) a well-thought-out social response plan. You need your house rules to establish unacceptable or abusive behavior, and, given cause, to ban repeat offenders.

You need your social response plan so that you and your team are confident that, whatever the situation, you are prepared to respond to the consumer. A social response plan maps out all of the various scenarios that could arise on your social channels and allows you to rehearse responses to each situation.

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